Missão & Visão

A Quinta da Capela foi fundada em 1772, como se pode verificar pelas inscrições gravadas na pedra, em Latim, no arco de entrada do monumento. A sua Padroeira é Nossa Senhora das Dores. Every year during the month of May (which is considered to be the month of Mary) the novena [advent] is celebrated and on the last day of the month a procession of candles is conducted, dedicated to Our Lady of Fátima (Nossa Senhora de Fátima, a Portuguese designation given to The Virgin Mary).

We believe that our brands of original name should be seen as a medium to long term valorisation of our heritage. These are wines that we consider to have an excellent price-quality-service relationship.

In this new stage, our main goal is to build long-lasting relationships with our consumers and connoisseurs, so as to benefit in the strictest of manners from the contact with our wines and olive oils.

Our wines and olive oil can be bought on site, directly at Quinta da Capela, by contacting us directly, and of course through this website.

We will continue to have patience and calm, as required, in order to ensure that our wines continue to be the natural product that they are, and that they remain in the best conditions for either being consumed of kept by our customers. A toast to all those that have given us their preference and who accompany us throughout this journey.

For everyone else, welcome and please feel at home.

We are now sharing with the world, for the first time ever, this procession of candles, this magical moment that we welcome every year in our Estate.